Notices to Mariners (Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners & other local orgs.)

Periodically we receive Local Notices to Mariners issued by the Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners and others such as various Wind Farm operators.

As these are likely to be of particular interest to MLSC members we will post them here as and when they are issued.

Please click the required date below to view the NtM.

28th October 2016 – No.12/16  USAR GEO BLOCKS AND BRUSHWOOD POSITIONS (R. Colne)

11th November 2016 – No.13/16 Dredging Brightlingsea

12th December 2016 – No.15/16 Light Extinguished on No:26 (Colne)

26th April 2017 – No.02/17 Fuel Pontoon out of action (Dates) at Brightlingsea